VA Loans For All Military Veterans

VETS - YOU have earned this ZERO DOWN

VA Home Loans are guaranteed from payment default by the US Government.

Here Are 8 Amazing Benefits You Receive From A VA Home Loan

1. Zero Down Payment - Compared to other loans, VA loans will save you money! As a veteran, you’ve sacrificed your time serving our country. No need to spend any more time scrimping and saving for a down payment on a new home.

2. Zero Mortgage Insurance - This means even more money on your monthly payments.

3. Lower Interest Rates - Since your VA loan is guaranteed against default, mortgage lenders and financial institutions are willing to offer you a lower interest rate. You have a lower monthly payment!

4. Easy Credit Requirements - You don’t need a perfect credit score to quality. VA loans are also very forgiving if you have past credit problems including foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy.

5. Limited Closing Cost Fees - The VA has placed a limit on what you, as a Veteran, may be charged when it comes to closing costs and fees. Some costs may even be covered.

6. This Is A Lifetime Benefit - You can use it more than once. Don’t let anyone tell you different! You’ve earned it! It’s yours for life! You may use your VA benefits to buy more than one home.

7. No Pre-Payment Penalty - You may pay off your VA loan early with no penalty

8. Foreclosure Avoidance - VA Loans have a track record of being the safest home loan available in the market. The VA Home Loan program helps Veterans stay in their homes, even if times get tough.

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